An abdominoplasty or a “tummy tuck” is a procedure that helps improve both the appearance and function of the abdomen. You might be interested in this procedure after pregnancy, weight loss, or if you have trouble getting a flat abdomen despite a healthy diet and exercise.

An abdominoplasty has three components to it: removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen, moving the umbilicus (belly button), and tightening the abdominal muscles. Sometimes a person does not need all three steps – when the work is focused on the lower half of the abdomen without movement of the umbilicus, it is sometimes referred to as a “mini-abdominoplasty.”

A critical part of any abdominoplasty is the removal of excess skin and fat on the abdomen. This not only improves body contour, making clothes fit better, but can also remove stretch marks from the lower half of the abdomen. Skin is removed from the lower half of the abdomen, and skin from the top half of the abdomen is brought down to close the gap. The location of the abdominal scar can often be hidden in the panty line.

Many patients ask me “I’m doing a lot of sit-ups, why is my abdomen not flatter?” The reason is simple: the strength of the abdomen lies both in the muscles, and the tight fibrous attachments of the muscle that doctors call fascia. By tightening the fascia around the muscles of the abdomen, I can provide a smoother body shape and a natural “internal girdle”.